Every three minutes in France, a project is co-financed by European funds.

Many elected representatives  business and heads of associations are not aware that European funds are intended for them. However, these Funds are well-distributed and thousands of projects are created each year.

Ranging from training  to support for small to medium size businesses, or to developing a rural development initiative, the areas of focus of the European funds are broader than we think! Here’s a preview:

  • Une maison médicale à La Rochette

    685 044 €
    Située dans l'agglomération de Melun, La Rochette a fait face à une pénurie d'offre médicale, touchant l'ensemble de l'agglomération. Pour y remédier, la ville de la Rochette a mobilisé le FEDER pour soutenir l'installation d'une nouvelle maison médicale pluridisciplinaire.
    Thematic(s) : Inclusion socialeSanté